Summer Semester Starts on June 17th



CCAI is currently under Eminent Domain with PennDOT’s RT I-83 Capitol Beltway Project

We are losing our institute (we lease) and CCAI’s improvements to our facility are being given to the landlord ($1,293,100).  We have protested this

to no end, and explained that was not how nonprofits were to be treated under Eminent Domain.  To no avail.

Please help CCAI.  We need a new home, and financial help and support to get through this.  We have 20 years invested with our current

Location that we are going to lose everything there.

Who We Are

The Chinese Cultural & Arts Institute (CCAI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2000 by Chen-Yu Tsuei (Juilliard) with the goal of preserving, nurturing, promoting, and celebrating Chinese culture and arts. As CCAI has grown with active participation in local culture and community events bringing exquisite traditional and modern Chinese performing arts to audiences, CCAI has become a focal point in the regional and Mid-Atlantic Chinese community and local community overall for providing elite training. CCAI accomplishes this through a variety of arts programs that allow students, Asian, non-Asian and adopted, to learn, study, practice and enjoy the unique arts and cultural heritage of China. CCAI’s programs focus on traditional Chinese dances, music, calligraphy, traditional painting, language, culinary arts, tea arts, theater, crafts, Tai Chi Chuan, Dragon Boat Racing, Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, and cultural activities.

When CCAI was founded in the Capitol Region, Harrisburg, PA in 2000, there were no Asian arts organizations. CCAI brought a diversity to the region that most people were not familiar with. CCAI initially catered to the children of immigrants. When word spread to the adoption community, more families wanted to participate in CCAI’s activities. CCAI maintained this pace from 2000 to 2004 of 2 classes on Saturday morning at the local community college. Starting in 2004 the founder began to see a need for more of the classes that CCAI was offering. This began the transition from Saturday morning classes to a full 7 day a week functional art and cultural center that CCAI currently has.

If you would like to support your community and the arts please make a tax deductible donation by clicking the donation button near the bottom of this page or the donation button on the right side.

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Current News

CCAI’s Summer Semester starts June 17th.

2024 Summer Registration

2024 Summer Schedule

Founder and President of CCAI, Chen-Yu Tsuei, is featured in the year end issue of Harrisburg Magazine as one of the most Influential People of the Mid-State!


Fellow Juilliard grad and CCAI music teacher, performer, and friend, has made the New York Times Best Classical Recordings 2015 with his Amphion String Quartet!

Congratulations Wei-Yang Andy Lin & group!  CCAI has copies of Andy’s CD available for purchase.




The Chinese Cultural & Arts Institute (CCAI) is a not-for-profit domestic cultural arts organization with IRS 501 (c)(3) approval. CCAI is registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations.  A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within PA, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.  Pennsylvania Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organization Registration # 32978.

The Chinese Cultural & Arts Institute is not affiliated with any other entity, nor part of any other organization, or affiliated with any government.  The Chinese Cultural & Arts Institute is not affiliated with the Confucius Institute from China or with the People’s Republic of China.

Any and all works of art, including dance, music, and visual productions are copyrighted by the Chinese Cultural & Arts Institute and may not be reproduced in any way without the express permission of CCAI.

The Chinese Cultural & Arts Institute is immigrant and veteran/Native American operated.